For Investors

We are committed to sound principles of corporate governance.

Here we share the guidelines, policies and charters that govern our board of directors, the committees of our board of directors and our executive officers and help keep Trim plastics accountable to our shareholders. We are committed to all its stakeholders - employees, customers, shareholders, investors, vendors and policy planners. At Trim plastics, every team member is encouraged to ensure that stakeholders' interests are uppermost.

In addition, we have provided additional information regarding corporate governance matters that we believe should be available to our viewers/stakeholders/shareholders.

Trim plastics have grand plans for the future and intend to evolve into a globally acclaimed toothbrush manufacturing company with a dominant presence across geographies. Taking the company forward is the expansion of our new factory which is along with a host of top class machines. A company which is driven by strong fundamentals on providing real quality finished product with elegance and finest materials.